Montreal Low Water Surcharge

We would like to inform you about the Low Water Surcharge to and via Montreal. [PDF] [more]

Export Ghana – Cargo Tracking Note

As per Bill of Lading date July, 1st 2018 Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) requires a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) for all cargoes to be imported into Ghana. [PDF] [more]

Export Mexico – service from Bremerhaven

As you certainly will not have missed, the M/V Polar Peru with ETS Hamburg on June 29th 2018 will be the last Hamburg call for vessels bound for Mexico for the time being. [PDF] [more]

General Rate Announcement LCL Export NORAM/LATAM

Please find our actual rate announcement for LCL Export NORAM/LATAM. [PDF] [more]

Emergency Bunker Adjustment Factor LCL Export

Please find our actual information in regards to the Emergency Bunker Surcharge. [PDF] [more]

General Data Protection Regulation starting May 25th 2018

It will not have escaped your attention that the new European General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 ("GDPR") will come into effect as from May 25th 2018. To comply with GDPR requirements, we would like to ask you to confirm that you would like to continue receiving content by email in the future. [PDF] [more]


Please note that we have been informed by Russian Authorities that no DG cargo will be handled during the period of May 25 to July 25 2018 because of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. [more]

Tightened customs rules for exports to China

We would like to inform you about the tightened customs rules for exports into China. [PDF] [more]

Export South Africa - Advance Load House

Please be advised that the South African Revenue Services (SARS) will implement a new customs process which requires the electronic submission of various cargo reports, including house bill of lading level. [PDF] [more]

Export Egypt - New Service from Bremerhaven

We offer now service to Alexandria Old Port and Alexandria (El Dekheila). [PDF] [more]

Export Sudan: Destination THC prepaid

We would like to inform you that Sudanese Authorities with immediate effect have announced that due to lack of hard currency the destination THC must not be collected in Sudan. [PDF] [more]

New Rail Service from and to Hefei

We want to inform you about our new rail Service to Hefei [PDF] [more]

Export Ivory Coast: Certificate of Conformity

As per bill of lading date 16th of April 2018 MCAPPME (Ministère du Commerce de l’Artisanat et de la Promotion des PME) requires a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for all kind of cargoes to be imported in Ivory Coast. [PDF] [more]

New agent in Xiamen, China

We would like to inform you about our new agent in Xiamen. [PDF] [more]

Tanzania: Local destination charges

We would like to inform you that as from March, 1st 2018 destination charges in Tanzania will be payable at origin. [PDF] [more]

Port Congestion Douala, Cameroon

We would like to inform you that as from February, 21st 2018 we will implement a Port Congestion Surcharge for all shipments to Douala, Cameroon. [PDF] [more]

ACI Filing/eManifest Canada

Dear Valued Customers & Colleagues,
Last year CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) has started to implement the eManifest what is the third phase of the Advance Commercial Information (ACI) initiative. It is part of the overall measures the Government of Canada is putting in place to enhance the safety, security and prosperity of Canadians and international trade while streamlining commercial crossborder processes.

 [PDF] [more]

SACO goes green - Invoicing

We are switching our billing system to pdf-emailing, more information to be found here. [PDF] [more]

Export South Africa

We are delighted to inform you that we are further enlarging our services to South Africa. [PDF] [more]

Export Houston

we are pleased to inform you that the weight surcharge for Houston has been decreased with the December tariff. [PDF] [more]

Export USA ISPM15 - Wood packing material

Herewith we would like to inform you about the tightened measures against violations of the import regulations for wooden packaging. [PDF] [more]

Port Additional Venezuela

Due to the actual situation in Venezuela local authorities have raised the port charges significantly. [PDF] [more]

Export Huangpu, China

We would like to inform you about changes in our service to Huangpu, China. [PDF] [more]

Customs clearance procedure LCL Export Jeddah

We would like to inform you about the special form of Import customs clearance procedure at Jeddah Islamic Port, Saudi Arabia. [PDF] [more]

Emergency Port Congestion LCL Export West Africa

We would like to inform you that we will implement an Emergency Port Congestion for LCL Exports to West Africa. [PDF] [more]

Cargo to Nigeria must be palletized

As per the Federl Ministry Of Finance's circular on April, 11th 2017, all containerized cargo shall be palletized. [PDF] [more]


as you can see from the press and the media in recent days, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen have ceased all diplomatic relations with Qatar since June, 5th 2017. [PDF] [more]

Direct service from Hamburg to Koper

We are proud to offer a regular weekly truck service from Hamburg to the port of Koper in Slovenia starting June, 1st 2017.
We are serving Koper on a weekly base with a transit time of 3 days. [more]

Direct weekly service to Bogotá

As of June, 1st 2017 we are proud to offer a regular weekly service to Bogotá. Besides our all-water services to Cartagena, Buenaventura and Barranquilla, Bogotá will be SACOs 4th directz line into Colombia. [PDF] [more]

Cargo must be on pallets for Hamad Port / Qatar

On March, 30th 2017 the Chairman of Qatars Committee for the Customs Clearance System announced that all cargoes that arrive to Qatar must be palletized prior to customs clearance. [PDF] [more]

New SACO warehouse in the Czech Republic

As from April 2017 we are glad to announce the opening of a new warehouse. [PDF] [more]

Direct service to Oran

We are very excited to announce our new direct destination in Algeria. [PDF] [more]


We would like to inform you about our new oncarriage possibilities via Casablanca. [PDF] [more]

New SACO office in Egypt

The SACO family is growing and a new office was opened in Egypt on February 1st. [PDF] [more]

From Hamburg and Bremen to Tunis in 6 days

in only 6 days from Hamburg and Bremen to Tunis! This speedy multi-modal service has been available since the beginning of November. [PDF] [more]


We would like to inform you about our new, direct departure to Paramaribo, Suriname. [PDF] [more]

Spotlight Service from Hamburg to Shenzhen

We want to draw your attention to our Premium LCL-Service to Shenzhen in Transhipment via Hong Kong. [PDF] [more]

Reykjavik ongoing from Hamburg and Bremen

Even after the decision of the carrier Eimskip to change the port of call from Hamburg to Bremerhaven, SACO Shipping will continue the weekly service from Hamburg and Bremen. [PDF] [more]

New Railway LCL service ex Shangai & Suzhou to Olomouc & Bratislava

SACO Shipping will launch with the first departure on November 20th a new direct LCL service from Suzhou and Shanghai to Olomouc and Bratislava by rail. [more]

Direct departure to Paramaribo, Suriname

We would like to inform you about our direct departure to Paramaribo, Suriname with the Vessel MS Rio Blackwater, ETS 02.12.2016. [PDF] [more]

New direct services from Taiwan

As from November 2016, we offer a direct service from Keelung, Kaohsiung and Taichung to Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna! [more]

Direct departures to El Paso & Laredo

We are very excited to announce our two new direct destinations in Texas, USA.
After the successful launch of our direct Dallas service in April 2016, we will now expand our portfolio with the direct services to Laredo & El Paso. [PDF] [more]

Direct Service Ningbo – Bremen

We are happy to announce another direct departure from Ningbo, China. [PDF] [more]

General rate increase from North Europe

With effective October, 1st 2016 the carriers announced a GRI. [PDF] [more]

Free Zone Bogotá

In co-operation with our Colombian agent Mahé Neutral Shipping we can offer you in-bond shipments (OTM) to Bogotá. Goods will be shipped to Cartagena and then forwarded by bonded trucking to Zona Franca, Calle 13 in Bogotá. [more]

Direct departure Maracaibo

We are happy to anounce another direct departure to Maracaibo, Venezuela. [PDF] [more]

New direct Service from Busan to Bratislava and Vienna

As from August 2016, we offer a direct service from Busan to Bratislava & Vienna! [PDF] [more]

Just 21 days to Port-au-Prince, Haiti

With immediate effect SACO Shipping offers a biweekly service at competitive rates to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. [PDF] [more]

New direct Service from Ningbo to Bratislava and Vienna

As from August 2016, we offer a direct service from Ningbo to Bratislava & Vienna! [PDF] [more]


First NVOCC to offer neutral LCL rail service to the freight forward industry