Cargo must be on pallets for Hamad Port / Qatar

On March, 30th 2017 the Chairman of Qatars Committee for the Customs Clearance System announced that all cargoes that arrive to Qatar must be palletized prior to customs clearance. [PDF] [more]

New SACO warehouse in the Czech Republic

As from April 2017 we are glad to announce the opening of a new warehouse. [PDF] [more]

Direct service to Oran

We are very excited to announce our new direct destination in Algeria. [PDF] [more]

SACO at the transport logistic

From May 9 to May 12, 2017 trade visitors will meet in Munich at the transport logistic – the world's leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management. [more]


We would like to inform you about our new oncarriage possibilities via Casablanca. [PDF] [more]

Direct to Port-au-Prince, Haiti

We would like to inform you about our new direct departure to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. [PDF] [more]

New SACO office in Egypt

The SACO family is growing and a new office was opened in Egypt on February 1st. [PDF] [more]

From Hamburg and Bremen to Tunis in 6 days

in only 6 days from Hamburg and Bremen to Tunis! This speedy multi-modal service has been available since the beginning of November. [PDF] [more]


We would like to inform you about our new, direct departure to Georgetown, Guyana. [PDF] [more]


We would like to inform you about our new, direct departure to Paramaribo, Suriname. [PDF] [more]

Spotlight Service from Hamburg to Shenzhen

We want to draw your attention to our Premium LCL-Service to Shenzhen in Transhipment via Hong Kong. [PDF] [more]

Reykjavik ongoing from Hamburg and Bremen

Even after the decision of the carrier Eimskip to change the port of call from Hamburg to Bremerhaven, SACO Shipping will continue the weekly service from Hamburg and Bremen. [PDF] [more]

New Railway LCL service ex Shangai & Suzhou to Olomouc & Bratislava

SACO Shipping will launch with the first departure on November 20th a new direct LCL service from Suzhou and Shanghai to Olomouc and Bratislava by rail. [more]

Direct departure to Paramaribo, Suriname

We would like to inform you about our direct departure to Paramaribo, Suriname with the Vessel MS Rio Blackwater, ETS 02.12.2016. [PDF] [more]

New direct services from Taiwan

As from November 2016, we offer a direct service from Keelung, Kaohsiung and Taichung to Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna! [more]

Direct departures to El Paso & Laredo

We are very excited to announce our two new direct destinations in Texas, USA.
After the successful launch of our direct Dallas service in April 2016, we will now expand our portfolio with the direct services to Laredo & El Paso. [PDF] [more]

Direct Service Ningbo – Bremen

We are happy to announce another direct departure from Ningbo, China. [PDF] [more]

General rate increase from North Europe

With effective October, 1st 2016 the carriers announced a GRI. [PDF] [more]

Free Zone Bogotá

In co-operation with our Colombian agent Mahé Neutral Shipping we can offer you in-bond shipments (OTM) to Bogotá. Goods will be shipped to Cartagena and then forwarded by bonded trucking to Zona Franca, Calle 13 in Bogotá. [more]

Direct departure Maracaibo

We are happy to anounce another direct departure to Maracaibo, Venezuela. [PDF] [more]

New direct Service from Busan to Bratislava and Vienna

As from August 2016, we offer a direct service from Busan to Bratislava & Vienna! [PDF] [more]

Just 21 days to Port-au-Prince, Haiti

With immediate effect SACO Shipping offers a biweekly service at competitive rates to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. [PDF] [more]

New direct Service from Ningbo to Bratislava and Vienna

As from August 2016, we offer a direct service from Ningbo to Bratislava & Vienna! [PDF] [more]


First NVOCC to offer neutral LCL rail service to the freight forward industry


SACO Social Media

We are excited to announce our new presence on the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. [PDF] [more]

New direct Service from Shenzhen & Hong Kong to Bratislava & Vienna

As from July 2016, we offer direct services from Shenzhen and Hong Kong to Bratislava and Vienna! [more]

New SACO office in Kenya!

We proudly announce that we open our next own office in Africa. [PDF] [more]

Neutral loading and devanning of LCL containers in Vienna

SACO Shipping Vienna offers neutral LCL container handling per immediate effect [more]

New direct Service from Shanghai

As from July 2016, we offer direct services from Shanghai to Bratislava and Vienna! [more]

SACO Shipping goes Africa!

We proudly announce that we open our first own office in Africa. [PDF] [more]

SOLAS Update

As of July 1st, 2016, shippers are responsible to determine the container weight and to declare the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) to the ocean carriers. [PDF] [more]


SACO Shipping is pleased to inform you that per immediate effect can we accept the following hazardous goods to DALIAN, China: Class 3, 4, 8 and 9


New railway LCL service ex China to Hamburg

SACO Shipping has launched with immediate effect a new LCL service by rail. Following benefits could be yours: [more]


For all shipments to Sudan (transit cargo included), the shipper or his forwarder are required to issue an ECTN in the port of loading and submit it to Antaser for validation with effect from 01.06.2016 on. [PDF] [more]

Direct calls to Dallas, TX - USA

To make shipments to the United States easier and more comfortable for you we have added Dallas, Texas as a direct service to our schedule, making it our 21st destination in North America that is served this way. [PDF] [more]

ECTN for Kenya

For all shipments to Kenya (transit cargo included), the shipper or his forwarder are required to issue an ECTN in the port of loading and submit it to Antaser for validation with effect from 18.03.2016 on. [more]

Cyprus / Limassol within 9 days

New service and faster transit time from Bremerhaven to Limassol! [more]

New wood packing regulation Brazil

Effective B/L date February 1st 2016, the Brazil Ministry of Agriculture, through the Normative Instruction Nº. 32 of 09/23/2015 will mandatory request information about wooden package material contained in every shipment entering or passing through Brazil. The instruction will apply to export, import, transshipment and in transit cargos (passage) through Brazil. [more]

Prime Service to Shenzhen

Dear valued clients, we are glad to announce that we will improve our service to Shenzhen! [more]

Service to Hodeidah, Yemen continues

we are glad to inform you that SACO Shipping GmbH continues the service to Hodeidah, Yemen. [more]

Imdg-Surcharges to Asia/Indian Sub.

We will amend our additional for hazardous cargo/Imo cargo with effect from 01.01.2016 as follows:
Class 3, 9, LQ     =   Usd 75 per B/L
Class 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 = Usd 225 per B/L [more]

China Filing Fee

Please note that with effect from 01.01.2016 we will charge a China Filing Fee of Euro 5 per consignment. [more]


As from 01.12.2015 KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) requires a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for all kind of cargoes, which will be imported in Kenya. [PDF] [more]


We have improved our weekly service to Malta to a transit time of 10 days and have appointed a new partner, offering your clients delivery of goods 5 days a week. Together with Eurofreight Service Ltd and their long lasting experience on the Maltese market we feel confident to offer a very professionals service. [PDF] [more]

Expanding in CZ - Opening new Terminal in Olomouc

Warehouse Services:

Abfertigung von Import- & Export-Sendungen [more]

Implementation of the ECTN in Libya as per 01.10.2015

By signing the contract with Antaser International Group,  the Minister of Finance and the director of Customs of the State of Libya assigned the issuance and management of the ECTN for Libya to the Antaser International Group. [more]

SSL becomes SACO Cyprus

Since September 1st, 2015 SSL Consolidation Services Ltd. has been renamed to SACO Shipping (Cyprus) Limited.
The service and handling of your export bookings remain unchanged, consequently you will stay in contact with same persons as in the past. [PDF] [more]

Export of hazardous cargo to China

Due to the worse accident caused by hazardous cargo in the port of Xingang/Tianjin on 12th of August, 2015, Chinese authorities have prohibited the import of dangerous cargo in general or have restricted the import of hazardous cargo. [more]

Ghana - Customs (GRA) take over destination inspection

From 01.09.2015 on, customs department of Ghana Revenue Authority is responsible to perform destination inspections during import process. [more]

Xingang / Tianjin

due to a heavy accident this morning at a DGD warehouse in Tianjin, authorities stopped the import of all hazardous cargo with immediate effect. [more]