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Export Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

We would like to inform you about our new direct departure to Sharjah, UAE. [PDF]


General Rate Announcement LCL Export North America

Dear valued Customer,

We would like to inform you that we will increase our Export rates for LCL cargo for following trade lane as per October 1st, 2020:

- USA & Canada


Export Lebanon: The service continues

Dear valued Customers,

after the devastating explosion occurred at the port of Beirut on August 4th 2020, which caused severely damages at the office and warehouse we are happy to announce that we will continue with our LCL Service to Lebanon. [PDF]


SACO LCL Quotation Tool

The Gateway to digital logistic:

Routings, Transitimes, Rates – SACO LCL Quotation Tool offers everything at a glance!

If you have any further questions, please contact [PDF]


Stop 'Halyomorpha halys'

The brown marmorated stink bug (bot. \"Halyomorpha halys\"), which actually originates from East Asia, can now also be found in the USA and Europe. The bug is about 15 millimeters in size and damages fruit plants through sucking, which can lead to extensive crop failures. [PDF]


Export Fumigation for Australia and New Zealand

Dear valued Customer,

as you already know the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as well as the Ministry for Primary Industries have finalized the seasonal measures for the 2020-21 BMSB risk season to prevent the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug from entering the Australian and New Zealand ecosystem. [PDF]


New Rail Service to Xi´An

We are proud to announce our new rail service to Xi´An [PDF]


LCL Export South Africa - Service Change Cape Town

The Port of Cape Town continues to remain under pressure and is facing severe berthing delays due to the COVID 19
pandemic. [PDF]


General Rate Increase LCL Export North America

Dear valued Customer,

We would like to inform you that we will increase our LCL Export rates for LCL cargo for following trade lanes as per 5th of July 2020:

- USA & Canada

At the present time, the level of increase has not yet been fixed. [PDF]


Online Nachlaufkalkulation

Liebe Kunden,
wir freuen uns Ihnen unser überarbeitetes Nachlauftool präsentieren zu dürfen.
Sie haben die Möglichkeit ohne langes durchsuchen von Tariftabellen, mit wenigen Angaben schnell und unkompliziert sich den Nachlaufpreis anzeigen zu lassen und im Anschluss den Nachlauftransport zu buchen.


Face masks becoming mandatory

Dear Customers,

please note, the use of a face mask covering mouth and nose is mandatory when entering our premises and offices.


Export LCL Equipment Surcharge Namibia

We would like to inform you that we will implement an Equipment Surcharge for our Export LCL cargoes to Namibia as per departure,  MV Golden Karoo, ETS: 11th of May. [PDF]


SACO Status Update – April 2020

Dear Customers, Through this message we are attempting to keep you, our customers, informed about the current conditions, related to the continued operation of our global network of LCL services. At the moment, we are striving to maintain the high number and frequency of services, that we as SACO were able to offer, before, the COVID-19 outbreak. [PDF]


Export Arab Gulf

Dear valued Customer, following the recent Dubai customs circular REF# G1MRH FW all Bs/L and manifests to or via Jebel Ali / Dubai must hold all 8-digit HS-codes for the cargoes signed. [PDF]


Opening hours at PCH Hamburg & PCG Bremen

The opening hours of our Packing Stations have changed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstances. [PDF]


Export LCL Equipment Surcharge

We would like to advise that with sailing date as from April 1st 2020, SACO Shipping will implement an equipment surcharge on all export shipments to the following countries:
• Paraguay
• South Africa
• USA (Boston)
• Mauritius
• Canary Islands (Las Palmas) [PDF]


Export deliveries to PCH & PCG

Dear valued Customer,
due to the circumstances resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, we would like to make you aware that at PCH in Hamburg and at PCG in Bremen we can only accept delivery of your goods within 72 hours before LCL-closing. [PDF]


Export LCL General Rate Announcement

Please find our Export General Rate announcement as per April 1st, 2020. [PDF]


EXPORT LCL Peak Season Surcharge Far East & Indian Sub

We would like to inform you about our increased Peak Season Surcharge. [PDF]


General Rate Increase LCL Export

We would like to inform you about rate increase as per April 4th, 2020. [PDF]


EXPORT LCL Equipment Imbalance Surcharge - Mediterranean / Black Sea

We would like to inform you that we will implement an Equipment Imbalance Surcharge for our Export LCL cargoes to the Mediterranean / Black Sea as per 1st of March 2020 [PDF]


Export LCL Peak Season Surcharge East Africa

As from 1st March 2020 we will implement a Peak Season Surcharge for Export to East Africa. [PDF]


EXPORT LCL Peak Season Surcharge Libya & Algeria

As from 1st March 2020 we will implement a Peak Season Surcharge for Export to Libya and Algeria. [PDF]


Export USA - how to manifest piece count correctly

We repeatedly notice uncertainties regarding the correct BL package amounts for shipments to the USA and would like to clarify how to send your BL instructions and to manifest your shipments correctly.

The filing of pallets is not allowed for the USA. Pallets are only recognized as loading aids and not as packaging. The smallest visible unit must be disclosed when loading palletized goods.  [PDF]


SACO FCL Quotation Tool

You always wanted to have an overview of all carriers, which service Europe to Guatemala, Seattle or Chennai? You always wanted to compare the different route/transshipment possibilities, transit times, container sizes or local charges? [PDF]