Export LCL Morocco

Dear valued customer,
we would like to inform you that the procedure for shipments referring to ONSSA Office National de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires has changed.

Now shipments such as food, feed, products for agricultural food use, veterinary medicine or goods of animal or plant origin will be checked by ONSSA authority and inspected if necessary after arrival at the terminal in the port. This can lead to significant delays as every container containing the ONSSA cargo will be stopped at the port for a documentation check. A physical inspection is delaying the process even more, inspection dates are not under our control. Before, inspection took place at the LCL warehouses after devanning.

In order to provide our usual service to you, we will split cargo from the goods under inspection procedure. This ensures that the container will be trucked to the warehouse after arrival and the shipments can be picked up after import customs clearance without any delay.
As from July we will offer separate departures for goods which refer to the inspection procedure.
Required documents: healthcertificate, commercial invoiceand contactdetailsof consignee

As a compensation we will need to charge a handling fee for ONSSA cargo. Shipper and consignee will still benefit from the solution as additional charges such storage charges, demurrage, detention will be splitted between all parties involved.

For further information please contact your local Saco Shipping Team.


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