Situation Red Sea/Suez Canal - Import/Export Middle East, Red Sea, East Africa, Indian Sub, Asia, Oceania

In the light of the ongoing critical situation in the Southern Red Sea carriers are avoiding passage through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, instead routing vessels around Cape of Good Hope. The change in routing leads to additional costs as announced by various carriers (such as Contingency Surcharge, Contingency Adjustment Contribution, Operational Recovery Surcharge, Emergency Peak Season Surcharge etc).
According to chapter7 of the SACO Shipping Line B/L terms and conditions, these surcharges will apply latest for departures from ETS 01.01.2024, for some lanes application date was 20.12.2023 including floating cargo. Final amounts will be published as soon as possible.
While we are closely monitoring the situation and committed to providing timely updates as new information emerges, we advise shippers to expect potential delays and further disruptions as the situation evolves.

For further information please kindly contact your local SACO Shipping Team.


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