World Wide Alliance - keep track of your cargo

As one of the founding members of the WorldWideAlliance®, SACO Shipping offers an innovative, worldwide reaching, global package for freight forwarders.

The WorldWideAlliance® brings the world's leading neutral NVOCCs' together, offering seamless international transport solutions and all under one umbrella. WWA is a team of 15 partners with over 5.300 employees from 78 countries in 188 offices. As a global network, WWA offers over 2.500 direct weekly LCL export services.

The WorldWideAlliance® celebrated it's 15 years anniversary in 2022 and continues to provide our unique set up to the freight forwarding industry.

Saco's customers benefit from the years of experience and vision which has grown out of the collaboration with this worldwide network with their locally aquired knowledge.

The Alliance offers an unrivaled level of service which includes everything from a global sailing schedule to LCL solution packages.

With their portfolio of global export services, the WorldWideAlliance® combines the best that each member has to offer - „a local view with a global vision“

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