LCL Export South Africa - Service Change Cape Town

As per information of the carriers, the Port of Cape Town continues to remain under pressure and is facing severe berthing delays due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
As a temporary measure to ensure schedule conformity for Port Elizabeth (Coega) and Durban, Cape Town Port will be omitted on main service from week 25 on.

Service from Hamburg
- All cargoes will be transshipped in Antwerp and loaded on Morocco-West-Africa-Service to Cape Town.
- New transit time: approx. 30 days

Service from Bremerhaven
- All cargoes will be discharged in Coega and connect to Cape Town by feeder vessel.
- New transit time: approx. 30 days

For an alternative routing by truck via Port Elizabeth (Coega) we currently can offer special conditions.

And for extremely urgent shipments our SACO GROUPAIR teams will be happy to assist you with airfreight solutions.

For further questions and details please do not hesitate to contact your local SACO Shipping Team.


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