SACO Status Update – April 2020

Dear Customers,

Through this message we are attempting to keep you, our customers, informed about the current conditions, related to the continued operation of our global network of LCL services. At the moment, we are striving to maintain the high number and frequency of services, that we as SACO were able to offer, before, the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is no secret that in doing so, we have had to make use of unconventional measures such as getting equipment in and out of the ports, allocating extra time and cost to trucking operations of empty and loaded equipment, bring loaded containers to the port with well below normal volumes and utilization while maintaining schedule integrity and ongoing service.

Furthermore, taking all possible measures to continue operations at our CFS network – which currently in our business, is the front-line!

We are also working with all elements of the supply chain, who all are facing increasing costs of operating under increasingly difficult circumstances, simply to do everything in our power to keep the supply chain moving. We know that that for many of our customers, products currently being shipped, are considered essential commodities, that if not delivered, will only further compound the very difficult situation we are in.

All this in addition to closely following and adhering to direct government instructions and general recommendations.

For now, we are absorbing such extra costs that inevitably are part of keeping up the services, however, we will be evaluating the situation carefully over the next 2-3 weeks and reserve the right to re-address this topic at that time.

We are at your disposal should you have any further questions or if further clarification is needed.

Stay healthy and safe!


Your Saco Shipping Team


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