LCL Export Ivory Coast - SGS Renovo Program

Dear valued customer,

we would like to inform you about a change in regulations for electrical and
electronic equipment (EEE) and tyres imported into Ivory Coast.

- SGS will, through its affiliates throughout the world, carry out physical
  inspection and verification at the country of export of any used and waste
  electrical and electronic products.
- In addition, SGS will collect an advance eco levy on all electrical and electronic
  equipment and tyres exported to Ivory Coast, based on the “polluter pays principle”.
- Liability of compliance rests with the importer /exporter. Importers of EEE
  and tyres to Ivory Coast are responsible to inform their
  supplier/exporter of the mandatory nature of the program and of the
  requirement to register on the e-environmental platform deployed by SGS.
- No consignment will be cleared through Customs without an electronic
  environmental declaration form approval / clearance certificate

More information to be found SGS Renovo Ivory Coast

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact your local SACO Team.


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