Qatar Ports Management Company (MWANI) announced maximum weight and dimension of packages sent to Hamad, Qatar. All packages exceeding weight or single-dimension are subject to pre-approval by MWANI.

- Max weight per package: 2500kos

- Max single dimension (l/w/h): 200cms

Packages that exceed these weights/dimensions have to be applied to and approved by MWANI prior to loading. Only with an approval of MWANI the shipment can be loaded. MWANI will charge 430 Qatar-Riyal (today around 100USD) which will be billed to the consignee upon arrival.

Due to this new regulation applicable as of October, 1st already we urge you to check your cargo weights and dimensions up front and inform us about any odd weight or dimension so we can apply for approval by MWANI in time. If your cargoes are found to be over-dimension at delivery to PCH/PCG only it might be too late to get the approval for loading on the booked departure as we actually do not know how long it will take to get the approval by MWANI.

For any further request please do not hesitate to contact your local SACO Shipping office.

Philipp Oeding
Phone: +49 40 311706-133
E-Mail: philipp.oeding@saco.de


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