The secure, quick and easy handling of important commercial documents is essential in logistics. With the introduction of the electronic bill of lading (e-B/L), SACO Shipping is now offering its customers an innovative solution that heralds the step into a new era of paperless bills of lading.

By using the latest digital service, customers can seamlessly exchange original documents between business partners and platforms anywhere, anytime in real time.

The e-B/L offers many advantages:


Complete security thanks to blockchain technolog. Verified, forgery-proof and traceable at any time.

Simple and intuitive to use, like an email inbox.

No more losing your documents. Round-the-clock tracking means you always have an overview of everything.

No courier fees, no printer or fax machine necessary, all digital.

No mountains of paperwork, lower CO₂ emissions, greener shipping.

With the introduction of this revolutionary service, SACO Shipping offers its customers a completely new way of simplifying and optimizing logistics processes.

Further information about the advantages of the e-B/L solution can be found on the SACO Shipping website and in our current information sheet as a PDF.


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