Misdeclared Hazardous Cargo

In light of the increasing number of maritime incidients reported in recent years and subsequent implementation of severe fines by shipping lines that can range from USD 15.000,00 to USD 45.000,00 per container, SACO Shipping will pursue and implement fines for any misdeclared and/or undeclared hazardous shipment.
Failure to properly declare hazardous materials prior to shipment is a violation of local dangerous goods regulations.
Such violations may be subject to monetary fines and or criminal prosecution under applicable law SACO Shipping holds
the customer on record liable and responsible for all costs and consequences related to violations, fines, damages, incidents, claims and corrective measures resulting from cases of undeclared or mideclared cargo.
Any inconsistencies between the declared cargo indicated on documentation and shipments physically inside a container will result in a hazardous cargo misdeclaration fee.

SACO Shipping reviews hazardous declarations and provides assistance should discrepant information be discovered or clarification and or corrections required on hazardous documentation. Personnel does not act as the governing body on hazardous cargo and our communication on these matters is based upon training and interpretation of the regulation.
We disclaim that suggestions made by our staff for corrections or adjustments to your hazardous documentation are binding, having final authority unless they are accompanied by a written authorization from said governing authorities.
The ultimate responsibility for properly packaging, declaring and documenting hazardous cargoes for transport is with the
shipper, supplier or owner of goods.


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