Export USA - how to manifest piece count correctly

We repeatedly notice uncertainties regarding the correct BL package amounts for shipments to the USA and would like to clarify how to send your BL instructions and to manifest your shipments correctly.

The filing of pallets is not allowed for the USA. Pallets are only recognized as loading aids and not as packaging. The smallest visible unit must be disclosed when loading palletized goods. The corresponding legal basis can be found via the following link under §4.7a (v)


Using the following example of the loading of 20 palletized cartons, we would like to show you some possible variants on how to record the number of packages in each case correctly:

- 20 cartons in transparent foil on 1 pallet -> BL must read: 20 cartons on 1 pallet

- 20 cartons in black foil on 1 pallet -> BL must read: 1 package on 1 pallet

- 20 cartons in a covering box on 1 pallet -> BL must read: 1 carton on 1 pallet

- 20 cartons in 2 covering boxes on 2 bundled/stacked pallets -> BL must read: 2 cartons on 2 pallets

Incorrect BL package count results in manifest and AMS corrections at the port of discharge, which are liable to charges. In addition to that an incorrect AMS filing will cause delays in discharge and delivery and can also result in penalty by the US customs. The receiving warehouses in the USA are obliged to correct and report deviations to the US authorities.

Unfortunately the smallest visible unit cannot always be clearly determined from the shipping document, that’s why correct information from the shipper is extremely important.

Please also understand that our warehouses work according to German or European standards, which generally do not provide for the recording of palletized individual packages.

Thank you for your understanding and attention in this matter, our teamswill be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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