ACI Filing/eManifest Canada

Dear Valued Customers & Colleagues,

Last year CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) has started to implement the eManifest what is the third phase of the Advance Commercial Information (ACI) initiative. It is part of the overall measures the Government of Canada is putting in place to enhance the safety, security and prosperity of Canadians and international trade while streamlining commercial crossborder processes.

The new eManifest regulation only concerns shipments to Canada. Shipments in transit to USA (cross-border shipments) will remain unchanged and will be further on filed in ACI.

In contrast to the prior ACI system the new eManifest requires that the NVOCC has to file all shipments in the container. In the case where a Freight Forwarder issues their own HBL(s) when booking with an NVOCC, the NVOCC must report to CBSA that supplementary HBL(s) were issued by the Freight Forwarder and will contain additional information. This information will include actual Shipper and Consignee information. It will be the final filing and the system will notify the CBSA accordingly. Therefore origin forwarders should ensure that their Canadian offices or agents are fully registered with CBSA and have obtained the permission to operate as a bonded 8000 type forwarder within Canada.

In summary the NVOCC has two options to file eManifest:

1) Non-consolidated BL → direct BL showing real shipper and consignee
NVOCC will file eManifest, no further filing is necessary.

2) Consolidated BL → Carrier to Carrier, BL-shipper and consignee are forwarders
NVOCC will send BL details to CBSA informing them, that they will receive a subsequent filing from the forwarder containing real shipper and consignee data.

As a result, SACO Shipping will apply an eManifest Filing Fee (EFF) per SACO BL regardless of a Freight Forwarder HBL is issued and filed by said Freight Forwarder.

Please be advised that the CBSA has given us a strong indication of the time lines and deadlines for filing Forwarders HBL (House Bill of Ladings). Therefore Kindly ensure that all necessary information is provided to us by the cut-off date in order to avoid shipment delays and possible penalties.

SACO Shipping started to file eManifest with the following departure:
M/V TORONTO EXPRESS Voyage No. 92W07 Estimated Sailing Date: February 17, 2018.

Should any further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact your local SACO Shipping office or visit the website of CBSA.

We thank you for your valued support & understanding.


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