Export LCL Egypt – 2nd Update Advanced Cargo Information (ACI)

Dear valued Customer,

please note following update in regards to the ACID procedure:
The ACID Number (19 characters, numeric only) has to be provided with the booking as usual.
For a direct HBL (real shipper to real consignee) the ACID Number will be created based on the details of the involved companies.

ATTENTION: For bookings with a “Forwarder to Forwarder” – BL, the MASTER ACID number is mandatory.
If you are using a “Forwarder to Forwarder” – BL for your shipment with SACO Shipping, please provide the MASTER ACID number only.

The ACID number has to be mentioned under the description of the goods when submitting the BL instructions.
Furthermore the Tax ID number of shipper & consignee and the origin country of the exporter are mandatory to mention in the BL.

All charges incurred by submitting the wrong ACID number and/or missing details are at the expense of the goods.

Without the correct ACID number shipment won’t be loaded.

For further information please contact your local SACO Shipping Team.


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