EXPORT LCL Egypt - UPDATE Egypt Advanced Cargo Information (ACI)

Dear  valuable Customer,  

We wish to remind you that ACID (Advance Cargo Information Declaration) is mandatory for any cargo shipped to Egypt as from 1st October 2021 (ATD from POL).
Each Egyptian importer is responsible for requesting an ACID Number for his consignment which includes his associated supplier/exporter.
It is exporters liability to verify the ACID Number validity on web page https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en/aci/validate before booking or shipping to Egypt.
All customers are now required to submit ACID Number at the same time of the booking request.
For now, without this data, we can’t proceed with the booking confirmation.
If we will receive any further updates we will surely keep you posted in due time.

Without the ACID Number we cannot ship the cargo to Egypt!

Please be aware that we will charge an administration fee of Euro 17,50 per shipment from 01.10.2021.

For further information please contact your local SACO Shipping Team.


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